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Image by Matheus Ferrero
What are X-Groups?

X-Groups are made up of 3-4 people who desire to follow the ways of Jesus and live an extraordinary life of expanding His kingdom.

How do I start?

To start an X-Group, pray and invite one other member of your City Group to join you. Then, pray together and invite 1-2 others who are not yet following Jesus.

How do I invite someone who is not following Jesus?

You can invite them by asking them to join you in starting a new group that is learning about Jesus and how to live out the extraordinary life that he promises. An openness to learn is all that is required!

What will we do?

X-Groups meet at a regular time and place (ideally weekly) and are built around 5 practices, illustrated by the acronym B.E.L.L.S:

  • Bless:   I will bless three people each week--at least one of whom is not a part of Remedy City.

  • Eat:  I will share a meal or drink with three people each week—at least one of whom is not a part of Remedy City.

  • Listen:  I will prioritize listening to the Holy Spirit and responding in obedience.

  • Learn:  I will spend time each week reading and learning the way of Jesus from the Word of God.

  • Share:  I will journal to record spiritual conversations about Jesus that I’ve had with others during each week.

How long does an X-Group continue?

The goal of X-Groups is to grow and multiply. As you begin these rhythms, you will likely have opportunities to invite others in. When an X-Group grows beyond 4 people, you should expand to two X-groups.

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